Farewell UOSM2008

Personally, I would UOSM2008 has kick-started my online professional identity and provided myself with a specific set of skills I was unlikely to acquire through partaking any other course.

My development can be shown through the self test which I have retaken, following the initial test at the start of this module.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 02.13.22


In Topic 1 “Digital Visitors and Residents” I identified that my professional identity was one in which I needed to develop as I was by all means only a native here not a resident. This was reinforced when moving onto the second topic of “Multiple Identities?” as I identified I felt it was suitable to have multiple identities for professional and recreational use.

As a result, I created a LinkedIn profile, an immediate step to developing my online professional identity.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 01.10.23.png

(click image for link to page)


Topic 3 which discussed how to develop an authentic profile provided me with a fundamental knowledge base which I will undoubtedly employ when developing my professional identity when going into my future career.

Furthermore, in delving into the issues of business’s use of social media it provided myself with an insight into how influential social media is. And albeit a great tool should be respected when used due to its power.

Topic 5 discussed the topic of Open Access one I could closely relate to as a student. This would however probably be the least relevant topic in carrying knowledge into my future life, but rather a very specific debate.



Overall, my journey to developing a professional online profile is one still in progress; but my progress thus far can be presented through the infographic below:



Another major benefit from this module has to be without a doubt the learning style and how I was able to learn from my peers. I personally prefer this style as when your peers are critiquing you the feedback is more relatable as they know the exact circumstances you were faced with, as they experienced them themselves. The following video shows some of the things I learnt from my peers throughout the course:


To conclude, UOSM2008 was a module I thoroughly enjoyed and it opened my eyes to a lot of aspects which should be considered when operating online. As the online generation the information I gained was invaluable and will undoubtedly be carried forwards when building my professional online identity.

Furthermore, I have gained a new hobby in blogging and is something I wish to continue in the future.

So farewell UOSM2008.

It’s no longer I blog because I have to, it’s now because I want to!




(word count: 433)



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