Topic 5 Reflection

This week’s topic really opened my eyes to a topic of conversation I was previously very unaware of; but a topic which is of great importance to myself as a student. At this stage, after interacting with other blog’s- Carolina’s and Madeleine’s I would stay my stance still remains as it were before the interaction; in that I believe content producers should make their research papers open to all.

In interacting with Carolina’s post- it opened my eyes to how the issues of Open Access extend past just the education industry.

In looking into the music and film industries it raised concerns to myself as to whether or not my stance was still the same- that I was for Open Access. This is as unlike the education industry- here the creators work isn’t funded for by the public as research papers are. Furthermore, research papers are intended to educate others and provide to finding to the world, however the film/music industry is just intended for the populations entertainment purposes.

From Madeleine’s post- I had an intriguing discussion regarding the negatives of Open Access in that authors work may be misconstrued and misinterpreted and if it’s more public these chances increase.

Initially I felt if their work was being cited this would be beneficial to the individual as their citation rate would improve. Furthermore, if cited correctly I thought how could it be their findings are misconstrued? After all the facts they give cannot be changed.

However, I realised after discussion this was a naïve opinion. This as initially I was only really thinking with regards to Science fields where findings do tend to be very mathematic. However, in broaden my horizons into industries where research papers are more qualitative based and more dependant on opinions rather facts I realised that papers could easily misrepresented. In papers of that length there is a high probability there is at least one sentence acknowledging the other side of the argument and therefore it can be misconstrued by someone referencing the paper for their arguments gain.

Below shows my process of improving on comments:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 17.25.32

(Infographic created by Jordan Dan in Piktochart)


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