Topic 4 Reflection

For this topic I initially struggled to specify an individual unethical business use of using social media, and was looking to take a broader approach to the topic. However, after a lot of research I was able to pin point my research to the specific issue of integrity risk.

And if only this topic’s submission date was a few weeks later I would have had a very fresh and perfect example of a current case; that of the United airlines- passenger removal.

The over-excessive force used by airport security under the instruction of United Airlines was a perfect example of how of the actions of the security not acting within the company’s morals and ethics leading to the media backlash against the company which resulted. The overall fall in value of United can be see though the market cap falling by $770 million in 5 days.

In interacting with Catherine’s blog it provided me with insight of ways in which businesses can be on the receiving end of unethical behaviour, as opposed to being the one themselves acting unethically. Catherine opted to delve into the issues of political figures receiving gate/ being murdered through using social media as a voice of their opinions. This then prompted me to research further into the issue and deepen my understanding of the issues associated with political hate through social media.

Also, interacting with Scott’s blog it exposed me to a new material such that of the Root and McKay, 2014) and “identifying that spelling and grammar” are an important factor of recruitment screening, a piece of information I will personally now take onboard in my use of social media. Furthermore, he provided a thorough evaluation of the pros as well as cons of screening and had led to my current feeling that the process of screening needs to be improved upon.



Stevens, Daniel. “United Airlines Passenger Is Dragged From An Overbooked Flight”. N.p., 2017. Web. 19 Apr. 2017.

“Video Shows A Passenger Forcibly Dragged Off A United Airlines Plane”. YouTube. N.p., 2017. Web. 19 Apr. 2017.


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