Topic 3 Reflection

This week’s blog which focused on the ways a professional online profile can be authentic was particularly interesting to myself as this is something I will personally need to know in the near future after graduating when I start to look for a job.

In interacting with Louise’s blog it predominately focused on the social recruitment aspect. It developed my understanding of the potential to employers to save money through social recruitment as opposed to the traditional CV method. However, I personally feel social recruiting is still in its early days albeit constantly growing. This is as at the moment I would say whilst the majority recruitment has shifted to online, it is through online applications consisting of forms, submitting CV digitally and online tests which then turn into face-to-face interviews.

In addition, Philip highlighted the effectiveness of the use of a longer self- made video, which I found extremely engaging and will definitely consider using in future blog posts.

Overall I found the key idea which was unanimous amongst all our blogs was the similarity in values which make a profile authentic; all along the lines of honest, consistent and credible. Upon further reflection the key idea I am currently contemplating lies in is authenticity a binary matter where you are either 100% authentic or completely fake? If an individual was to just tell a white lie regarding a test result on their Linkedin profile does this mean their profile is completely unauthentic? Personally, I would have to say it is dependant on the employer and the individual cases. But if someone makes an effort to skew the truth a little, how far will they push the boundaries next time?



Featured Image- Pixaby


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