Topic 2 Reflection

I really embraced this week’s topic of the pros/cons of multiple identities as I myself was undecided how I felt regarding the topic of discussion. In reading numerous other blogs it allowed me to gauge other people’s opinions on the matter to better my personal opinion.

From interacting with Andy’s blog. I was able to witness a first hand example of a want/need for differing identities. This case was particularly interesting as it was past just the professional vs personal view but a case for wanting different audiences for one’s personal life- the specific example was for separate identities for their Cosplay hobby. This is one of the advantages of interacting with other blogs as has allowed me to learn from a real-life example which makes the concept far easier to understand.

Secondly, interacting with Raziya’s post I was able to learn how effective it is to link in sources which specifically target our generation as it makes the topic a lot more interesting and engaging. Furthermore, I saw the benefits of using of ‘google slides’ to promote interaction with the user. With respect to the topic itself she posed a very crucial statement “by encouraging people to adopt several online personas, it makes it difficult to detect authenticity’. This related to the fundamental idea I previously held and reinforced the importance of authentication in multiple identities- as I still believe that an individual is more likely to engage in negative/illegal online activities if they feel they are protected from their real identity.

In conclusion in interacting with blogs I have now developed a clear pros/cons list as shown below.


I would conclude that whilst I feel multiple identities are beneficial, they should be kept to a minimum as well as be monitored and regulated closely by the specific websites to ensure authenticity.


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