Topic 1- Reflection

When first starting to learn about Prensky’s idea of “Natives’ and ‘Immigrants’ (Prensky, 2001), my initial reaction was that I related to the idea of the younger generation having a better digital competence as I believe I fall into that category myself.

On personal reflection I realise that in fact whilst I help my parents often online, both my parents have a vast range of skills which are better developed than myself through their jobs. However, I don’t ask for help the same way they do when using Facebook as I never use these other skills. Here I realised that Prensky’s idea was flawed as it is the case that ‘Immigrants’ are better than ‘Natives’. I did however relate strongly to the ‘Resident’ and ‘visitor idea’, which I still currently do.

Further to my personal reflection, in reading my fellow students blogs I developed some different perspectives. For example, Emily highlighted a point in that it’s possible to interchange between being a “visitor and resident’. I very much agree with this point albeit it was something I initially failed to acknowledge in my own work.  In addition, Andrei included an approach I was previously unfamiliar with in Kevin Kelly’s approach to visually represents ones ‘geography online’. I found this to be very thought-provoking in visually representing people’s online differences. It also has greater matured my understanding of online identities as a topic.

In both these cases, it was the work of fellow students which developed my understanding as I can appreciate we all have different learning techniques and hence we all understood the work from different angles to begin with. This is a learning style I look forward to developing in the following weeks over this course.


Prensky, M., (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.


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